USC-OMTT | Online Multimedia Teaching Tool


The OMTT in Neuroscience offers a unique multimedia method for teaching and learning neuroscience. The OMTT was developed for instructors to use during lecture and for students to browse at their leisure. Educational materials are organized into chapters covering central themes in neuroscience, much the same as one might find in a text book. Read more »

How to Use the OMTT

Why Register?

For instructors, registration offers you the ability to monitor your students’ performance on quizzes built into the OMTT for each of the chapters.

For students, registration means your quiz results will be transmitted to your instructor for evaluation (if your instructor has registered your course).

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Please Take the Course Survey

Outcomes from the survey will be used to 1) improve the quality of the OMTT in Neuroscience for both faculty and student use, 2) for publications in education journals and 3) to further the National Science Foundation goal of fostering interest in science and research.